Welcome to the CfA Optical/Infrared Science Archive! This site is meant to provide convenient access for searching and downloading processed spectra obtained from optical/infrared spectrographs residing on CfA's ground-based telescopes.

As of January 2016, the site has launched with access to 10-plus years of processed data from the Hectospec fiber-fed spectrograph on the 6.5m MMT, all re-reduced with the latest data reduction pipeline. More instruments will be added in the future. The table below lists instruments we hope to add to the archive. If you make use of data provided here, please cite both the relevant instrument/pipeline paper from the table below, as well as the original publication reference for any data you use (provided with all search results).

To get started, please click on the Search Data button up top! The OIR Science Archive is VO-compatible, and so you can also perform more sophisticated searches by pointing TopCat, Aladin, or other VO tools to the "CfA Hectospec" SSAP service. We hope to post soon a tutorial describing the advanced data products available via VO search.

We encourage you to cite (1) the corresponding instrument paper and (2) observing program(s) from which data was obtained. (Click the instrument papers shown below.)

This archive makes use of the DaCHS (Data Center Helper Suite), and we thank Markus Demleitner for support. We acknowledge that NOAO Science Archive was used as website templates for our archive.