Input Format

Telescope & Instrument
Select one or more telescope+instrument combinations.
MMT 6.5 + Hectospec
Object Name or Coordinates (J2000)
SIMBAD-resolvable object name, or search position in RA and Dec (decimal degrees or sexagesimal formats [hh mm ss  dd mm ss])
148.888 69.065
9 55 33.2  69 03 55
Search Radius (arcmin)
Search radius (arcmin) around given point coordinates
Input File Upload
Upload a list of target positions. This expects a text file with three floats per line: RA (deg), Dec (deg), & search radius (arcsec)
148.888   69.065   60   (line 1)
10.68471   41.268750   90   (line 2)
Advanced Options - Observation Dates
Observation date (midpoint of exposure) in the format of YYYY-MM-DD. Operators <, >, +/- and .. (between) can be used to select a range.
2006-05-04   (on May 5, 2006)
>2012-02-01   (later than Feb. 1, 2012)
2006-10-01 .. 2007-12-01   (between Oct. 1, 2006 and Dec. 1, 2007)
2007-11-15 +/- 5   (5 days around Nov. 15, 2007)
Advanced Options - Redshift z
Redshift z of target object. Operators <, >, +/- and .. (between) can be used to select a range.
0.2 or =0.2   (select only values exactly 0.2)
!=0.2   (select only values different from 0.2)
<0.15   (select values samller than 0.15)
>=0.2   (select values greater or equal to 0.2)
0.2 +/- 0.05   (select values between 0.15 and 0.25 inclusive)
0.13 .. 0.18   (select values between 0.13 and 0.18 inclusive)
Advanced Options - SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)
Per-pixel S/N averaged over 100 pixels at the center of the spectrum. Operators <, >, +/- and .. (between) can be used to select a range.
100 or =100   (select only values exactly 100)
!=100   (select only values different from 100)
<150   (select values samller than 150)
>=200   (select values greater or equal to 200)
200 +/- 50   (select values between 150 and 250 inclusive)
130 .. 180   (select values between 130 and 180 inclusive)
Download or Summary Table
Select one of the file formats in the list.
"tar" (to download the spectra)
"HTML" (to see a summary table)
Output Table
Sort the result in ascending order by the chosen keyword up to the number of spectra you specified.
Sort by "Date Obs."
Limited to "5000" items

Output Format

Hectospec Field Information

Name Description UCD (Unified Content Descriptor)
RA Right Ascension (deg), ICRS pos.eq.ra;meta.main
Dec Declination (deg), ICRS pos.eq.dec;meta.main
Product Key Download URL of spectrum meta.ref.url;meta.dataset
Owner Dataset owner
File Size Spectrum file size
Creator DataID Dataset identifier assigned by the data center
Bibliography Bibliographic reference where the dataset is presented meta.bib;meta.ref.url
Hecto Config Hectospec configuration id meta_id.src
z Measured redshift of a target object src.redshift
z_err Measured redshift uncertainty stat.error;src.redshift
SNR Per-pixel signal-to-noise ratio estimated for this dataset stat.snr
Aperture Fiber aperture diameter, arcsec instr.fov
Date Obs. Midpoint of the exposure time.epoch
Exp. Time Total exposure time time.duration
Mid. Band Mid spectral bandpass, Angstrom em.wl;instr.bandpass
Bandwidth Spectral bandwidth, Angstrom em.wl;instr.bandwidth
Band Start Starting wavelength, Angstrom em.wl;stat.min
Band End Ending wavelength, Angstrom em.wl;stat.max